Cowards, simply cowards...

With the whole Michael Vick BS that is going on and the daily encounters with dog fighting arenas all I want is for those who run, profit, enjoy and okay dog fights should be put to sleep as well. With all the cases that are currently spread through out the US and some that are on back log, the cost of fees and bonds or even jail time may be handed down according to each state's law but in the end it's always going to be the end of the road for the dogs that were raised to be killers and nothing more. Cowards is a word that I'm using because I try to keep a clean running blog here, the people that have known, seen or participated in dog fights should be sentenced to the same fate that the dog was. Why should the dog who was bred to fight and kill be the only one to get the ultimate end while the cowards who brought them up and exposed them get a few years or months depending on the f*$%ing plea deal (that's another BS that just pisses me off) - I strongly believe that if you are going to willingly put an animal at risk and then place a wager in hopes that the animal makes it is just plain wrong and the deal that was made in regards to the bet should be used as a form of final understanding that the owner and those watching and cheering for their sentencing to death. They knew it was wrong but went ahead and did it anyways, to me that's murder or if you're a complete loser and dump the animal somewhere then the case would be homicide.

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