Bad Parenting...

After watching a news video of Elvira Arrellano who was deported not once but twice has filed to sue the United States. Her main case is that it is America's fault for not enforcing their immigration laws. Now correct me if I'm wrong here - did she not get deported TWICE for crossing the border illegally? That alone should throw her case right out of the court. If the system isn't working so great then why were you tossed out twice. The title of this post is one that most people don't tie in together with the news video - When she crossed the border the first time she decided to have a child so that the child would be a legal citizen, fine, but she must of known that even though the child was going to be born in the U.S. and be a citizen that still didn't change her situation. If she knew this and went ahead and had the child then she should be prosecuted for child endangerment and neglect. Why's that you ask? She placed her child in harms way by first getting pregnant then by having the child here in the US, second she knew that upon the official's knowledge of her being here again she was going to be deported with out her son. Angelica Salas spoke about the laws being inhumane and mean spirited, the law is the law she should of said those words to her friend there Elvira. She should of told her that the US has laws that should be followed and not broken, if you enter illegally you will be deported and if you have a child in the US he/she will be kept in the US while you will be deported, you will be seen as someone who has neglected laws, understanding reason and above all your child. That is what should of been told to her before she even left her Mexican home the night of her first border jump.

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