Calling on Captains...

The Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk is currently looking for Team Captains to sign up at your respected location for this year's walk. They need for those of you who can help and join to please sign up as a captain so that they can make this year's walk an even larger success. If you are interested in becoming a Team Captain then please click on the link to get the details on how to do so. My coworker is planning on joining the captain posse and he informed me that the process to become team captain is very smooth and easy. If joining to be a captain please do so as early as you can because they want you to have enough time to gather a nice size team. If you would like a little more detail on this event that is nationally known and participated please visit their website today. The Memory Walk is an annual event that takes place in many communities throughout the nation. Please take the time to search for a location near you and join in on the fun to raise funds for a disease that is taking in too many of our loved ones. If you are unable to attend and participate then please donate to this still growing charity and give those who are suffering from this disease a chance to remember your generosity.

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