What's up Ump?!?

I read an article at the ever so popular TIME website that has a study that mentions that there might be umpires out there that are considered to be racist.
According to the new study led by Daniel Hamermesh, a professor of economics at the University of Texas at Austin, Major League Baseball umpires tend to call more strikes when the pitcher is of their same race; when they're not, umps call more balls. It doesn't happen all the time — in about 1% of pitches thrown — but that's still one pitch per game, and it could be the one that makes the difference.

I have watched many games in the past and I have found myself questioning some of the calls made by umpires but that is part of the game. I just watched the video of the official that has been betting on NBA games as well as making some false calls to better their odds. It feels like certain moments that occur during sporting events are caused by other players in the game that don't involve those playing the actual sport. Let's hope that the honor of the sporting world isn't too tainted because of these few individuals.

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