Singleton singled out...

John Singleton
LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Oscar-nominated director John Singleton accidentally struck and killed a pedestrian, a Los Angeles police spokesman said late Friday.
John Singleton directed "Rosewood," "Baby Boy," "Shaft" and "Four Brothers" after "Boyz N the Hood."
Constance Russell, 57, of Los Angeles, died at a hospital a few hours after the accident Thursday evening, Los Angeles Police Officer Jason Lee said. Russell was not using a crosswalk when she stepped in front of Singleton's car, Lee said.

Reading the article I learned that he was not drunk or under the influence of any drugs or any other type of substance. However because the victim was killed this case was turned over to the district attorney's office for review by officer Jason Lee. I hope that this will be understood as an accident and not a hit, by looking at some of the laws there in Los Angeles I found out that they do enforce the no J-Walking rule. With that in place and also the officer stating that Russell walked in front of John's vehicle instead of using the crosswalk should be enough to clear John of any wrong doing, but it's California so anything can happen...

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