I need the news...

I would like to take a moment to discuss some stuff with you folks. I read about 75% of the news that flows through the various media outlets each day. I don't spend much time in front of the television to watch what's going on. My main source of information is through the internet. I try to keep an eye out for new developments in the tech world. Science and Technology News 2012 info at Scitechdaily.com is a great spot to check out. I have spent about an hour so far and I haven't even read half the stuff there. A lot of info for everyone to check out if you're into the Geek Alerts kind of news. I'm currently reading a nice article on Bypass Surgery and it's many benefits. Please check it out on your free time and see what I'm talking about. Oh, before I forget. If you're a shopper like me that is always looking for an excellent deal on gifts and such then let me give you a heads up. Scitechdaily.com has a nice collection of discount coupon code links on the lower left side of the site. Scroll through them and find something that might be on your mind like for instance, a ProFlowers coupon code would work great for my upcoming anniversary. Read as many articles as your time allows and if you want - add them to your favs so you can come back any time. Have fun.

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