Don't make it worse...

Reading and watching a story from Miami Dade yesterday I found myself wanting for this idiot to be caught and thrown in prison for a long time. I can't imagine the fear in the police's eyes when they have to try and catch crooks without hurting others. Watch the video and notice how this guy did not have any problem putting others at risk for his crime. He performs several u-turns and then decides to drive against oncoming cars to try and shake the police.
He eventually runs into a dead end (literally) and has no where to go. I'm glad that the police were able to grab him and take him away. What I had a problem with was the way they had him down and preparing him to be handcuffed. The crook throws himself to the ground and police move in to arrest him but instead of taking the two arms and cuffing the idiot they proceeded to punch and kick him several times. I don't think they knew that a helicopter was above filming the scene and from what it looks like the area in which this guy was on the ground it didn't seem to be out in the open too much where police thought they can abuse him without being noticed.
Look, I know that most of you reading this and have watched the video are probably saying that if he didn't do the crime he would of been ok. I agree, but you have to ask yourself even if it wasn't this guy this kind of behavior would of come out on someone else. Yeah he probably deserves a good butt whooping but the boys in blue have to find it within themselves to not make matters worse.
Now this clown can sue the department for police brutality and from what I saw on the tape he looks to be settling for lots of cash. CMDR Linda O'Brian says a few words but she basically gave an excuse for the police officer's behavior. It doesn't matter what this or any other guy or gal does you have to show some professionalism while at work.

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