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Kecksburg UFO Incident (1965)

Many believe that the large fireball observed in the sky above Ontario, Canada, and six US states was nothing more than a passing meteor. However, residents of the small town of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, claim that a car-sized, acorn-shaped object with hieroglyphic-like markings crashed in a nearby wood. The military denied these allegations of course. Dozens of others - including fire fighters, newspaper reporters, and a news director at radio station WHJB who was on the scene taping interviews - describe the military presence at the crash site, the cordoning off of the area, and the retrieval of an object transported by an army truck. Many witnesses have provided signed affidavits for investigator Stan Gordon, who has been working on the case for over three decades. Now something like this would be great for the city of Toledo. What I'm saying is that if something of this magnitude happened here it would of brought up a lot of money from tourists looking for the strange and unusual.

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