So far so good...

I just got done reading an article on CNN.com that was titled 'Illegal immigrants packing up and leaving Arizona'. I want those of you reading this to understand that when I talk about illegal immigrants I'm focusing on the 'illegal' portion of it. I do not question their work abilities or their loyalty to their families, what I do question is their knowledge of the laws that surround them and all of the others that know that it's being broken but still choose to ignore it. With Arizona implementing this law it's only a matter of time before the other states that harbor illegals catch on, and all I can say is 'Good Job'.

I can tell you from experience how a Hispanic family reacts when being disrespected in their home. When entering the home of a Hispanic or any other race or nationality for that matter is that respect comes first then the greetings. If these families that chose to break the law and come here illegally then they have disrespected the most common law known to all - Do not enter my home unless invited. Come in legally and then work to your hearts content, if that's too hard to follow then you've got bigger problems aside from the illegal issue.

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