A day to reflect...

Before I begin this post I would like a moment to ask those of you reading this to perform a moment of silence for those who died during that attack 66 years ago today...
Thank You
The Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor (1941)
The Imperial Japanese Navy's surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in Oahu, Hawaii, severely damaged or demolished 19 American naval vessels, destroyed 188 aircraft, killed 2,280 American servicemen and 68 civilians, and wounded more than 1,000 military personnel. The following day, the US declared war on Japan. Pearl Harbor is now a national historic landmark; a memorial has been built over the sunken hulk of the USS Arizona.
sailor plays tapsThis year, survivors and their family members are dedicating a new memorial for the USS Oklahoma, which lost 429 sailors and Marines -- the second greatest loss of life among any of the battleships in Pearl Harbor.
About 18 of the estimated 90 living survivors who were aboard the USS Oklahoma were expected to join Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry and other dignitaries for the dedication of the $1.2 million memorial. The monument includes 429 white marble standards, each with the name of a fallen sailor or Marine, surrounded by black granite panels etched with a silhouette of the battleship and notable quotes from World War II-era figures that were selected by some of the survivors, said retired Navy Rear Adm. Greg Slavonic, co-chair of the USS Oklahoma Memorial Committee.

VIDEO - Casualty List

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