Ubering 08/13/2016...

Good afternoon everyone.

First and foremost the following happened at 1:00 am this morning. I was requested to pick up a gentleman by the name of Ben from an excellent restaurant here in Toledo by the name of Sakura. During the ride to his home in downtown Toledo we had shared what's appropriate for a co-workers/partner to discuss when not with the main contributor of the company present. We agreed on so many levels which led us to discuss the partnership of several businesses that are starting to sprout in downtown. There is an old building by name of "The Berdan Building" that is being renovated. Ben informed me that it will have 112 apartments and the first floor will be dedicated to retail and a restaurant. I for one think that would be excellent for any resident in the downtown area living in the building or not.

Here is what the building looked like right before they started the work. Berdan A

Here is the proposed look after the renovations. Berdan B

Even though the artist rendition looks great the building right now looks amazing. They are moving along quite quickly and seeing the way they work it should be done in no time at all. Ben and I had a great conversation during that ride. Driving for UBER is definitely an eye opener in meeting new people.

Have a safe weekend everyone. :)

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