Ubering 08/12/2016...

Good afternoon everyone, Well today would have to be one of those days that are one in a million. At some point yesterday a bird decided to leave it's unpleasant trails (poop) on the passenger side window and door. I saw it and told myself to clean it off the car at some point in the afternoon. Well this morning when I logged in to Uber I went out to my usual location (with WiFi) to await my first request. Well in about 1 minutes time the request came in and I was off to pick up Michael (rider's name). As I'm waiting at the stop light I glanced to my right and saw what I had forgotten to clean up the day before. I had this huge wave of embarrassment plow through me. There was no way that I was able to get that cleaned up and be on time to pick up my very first rider of the day. So I decided to think of a story for the poop being there without mentioning that I forgot to clean it up. After about a minute of processing it I decided to just say what really happened and let the chips fall where they may. Well, turns out that my first rider of the day Michael is blind. That's right folks - I was worried about the poop being all over my window and door and having to embrace the embarrassment for nothing. So with a big sigh I welcomed Michael and proceeded to take him to his destination. Rest assured that the moment I had the free time to get that hideous splat removed from my sight I was all over it. Needless to say I no longer have that poop problem any more, well until another bird decides to graffiti my ride once again.


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