Can "BMI" really be a subpar measure of your health?

Now before you go ahead and freak out with what the title says please give the article a good read before doing so. Now I am safe to say that I am obese (husky actually) and I know that I have a real problem with eating the wrong things at the wrong time as well as the wrong portion. With that said I am working out four times a week for an hour each day. Between weight lifting and a quick cardio which includes bike riding and walking I feel great. In my opinion I used to follow the BMI setup but I can agree with the article and the scientists when they say it could be different for other individuals who suffer from obesity. For example, I have a nice size stomach but my back, arms and chest are well in shape with some firm muscles as well. Given that muscle is heavier then fat I tend to stay away from the BMI chart as well as the scale. Check out the article and decide what best suits your need. CLICK HERE


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